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About Our Beeswax

Simply Amazing Bees!

 It has been estimated that a typical hive of honey bees visit over 25,000 flowers a day, and for each pound (470grams) of beeswax produced they fly approximately 50,000 miles! To put this into perspective that is twice around our planet, making Beeswax one of the rarest and most precious commodities on Earth.

Beeswax and honey is produced by female (worker) Honey Bees. Only they collect nectar from flowers to produce honey and wax. The male Bees (drone) sole purpose is to mate with the Queen, and do not leave the hive unless to swarm. Whereas honey is being constantly fed throughout the summer months to the Queen and the newly hatched young bees, only a very small amount of beeswax is required, as it is needed just once. When the hive is abandoned by the queen and her colony at the end of the summer just the empty beeswax frame remains, and can then be safely removed.

Once removed from the hive our Beeswax is melted, then filtered through a sieve to remove most of the plant debris and insect parts that may have inadvertently fallen into the wax over the long summer months of nectar collecting. To preserve the integrity of the natural properties and aroma our beeswax is only filtered. It is NOT processed or refined as it is for some medical, cosmetic and industrial purposes. We use ONLY 100% Pure Beeswax...........and Nothing Else!

So, what is so great about Beeswax Candles, compared to Petroleum and others?

Beeswax burns brighter, longer and cleaner than any other type of candle fuel. Free of all toxins, chemicals and additives of any kind Beeswax candles are not only smoke and soot free (although a small amount may be produced by the wick, particularly on extiguishing the flame), they are also virtually allergen free (in tests we found that even the small percentage of people that are allergic to honey do not appear to be allergic to Beeswax candles). The bright golden glow of the flame, which is essentially on the same light spectrum as the sun, emits negative ions that are known to cleanse the air removing unpleasant odours acting like natures very own air purifier (you will be amazed at how quickly and efficiently cooking smells are dispelled) , while invigorating the mind and body as well as creating a wonderful feeling of well being. Beeswax is naturally infused with nectar and pollen from the flowers the Bees visit, creating a delicious but subtle fragrance that gently caresses your home while the flame brightly flickers. In conclusion it is a perfectly harmless natural substance that is a wonderful gift to us from Mother Nature.

You can trust Beeswax and breathe easily with our candles

BUT Beware Paraffin (Petroleum) and Soy Candles

Paraffin:  Paraffin Wax Candles (which, unfortunately, contribute the great majority of candles sold in shops and online today) are nothing more than polluted sludge with a dirty, smoky, faster burning dull white flame that is full of dangerous, harmful toxins and allergens. And that is before the equally dangerous artificial man made additives, colours and chemical perfumes are added. 

Soy:  If nothing is added they make a perfectly adequate candle, if a little short on brightness and completely lacking in fragrance. However, and because of this, most contain artificial man made perfumes (not to be confused with safer natural essential oils), additives and colours in an attempt to remedy this shortfall and like Paraffin Candles can produce dangerous toxins and allergens which are breathed in by you and your family.