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  We want you to thoroughly enjoy your Tree Lemon Beeswax candle, but for optimum performance and safety please take a few minutes to read our simple tips and safety advice:

1. Allow your candle 24 hours to adjust to room temperature before lighting for the first time.

2. All types of our Cotton Wick Candles come ready to use. No need to trim the wick before first or each subsequent use. Please place our Christmas Trees & Beehive Candles on a heat resistant container with raised edges as molten wax can run down the side of the candle and pool onto the surface the candle is placed upon. 

Our Wooden Wick Candles come ready to use. No need to trim the wick before the first use, but for each subsequent use (wait until the wax has set first) gently remove the soft blackened wood with soft tissue paper (DO NOT use scissors or any other sharp instrument), holding the Candle upside down over a suitable container to prevent any debris from falling into the wax. You should do this before each time you relight your candle, otherwise the wick might not relight, under perform or self extinguish. Cracking of the wax on the surface can occur, when new and after use. This is quite normal and does not affect performance.

3. DO NOT place a lit candle in a draft.

4. DO NOT place a lit candle close to inflammable materials.

5. Glass can be become extremely hot. Please take care when handling.

6. ALWAYS place a lit candle on a stable heat resistant surface.

7. Whenever possible please allow the liquid wax pool to reach right across candles in a container before extinguishing (time varies with the size of the candle, but is approximately 3-4 hours). This will ensure a melt hole is not created through the center which can affect the performance.

8. When not in use please keep your candle in a dry, dust free shady place away from direct sunlight. Our glass jars come with an airtight glass lid, perfect for keeping your candle clean when not in use. They are NOT to be used to extinguish the flame. They also make great re-usable airtight storage jars. To achieve sparkling clean glass (DO NOT put the lid in the dishwasher) we suggest you wash the jar.....only after all wax has been used or removed.....in a dishwasher on a hot temperature setting after removing all labels first. The lid can be washed with warm soapy water.

9. Beeswax is totally smoke and soot free, however a small amount of smoke and/or soot might occur from the burning wick.

10. Allergies can be caused by anything, very occasionally even by pure natural beeswax. Please refrain from use if you have any health concerns.

11. DO NOT leave a lit candle unattended, and unless supervised by a responsible adult never leave with infants, young children or pets that are free to roam.